Personal Work: Self-Promotion

The Hell Rebrand Promo

branding and design self-promotion

We helped cast the often vilified destination in a new light. With its Simply Heavenly positioning, this exotic tourist spot is sure to impress.

Hell Rebrand
Hell Coffee Mug
Hell Logo Evolution

The Moon Logo Promo

logo design self-promotion

Okay, so maybe the moon doesn't need a formal logo. But we thought this project would be a fun way to show how we explore ideas.

Moon Logo Project

Symbiosis Promo

direct mail piece sent to potential clients

The main image is a visual representation of our primary philosophy: A mutually beneficial state between a firm and its stakeholders is essential for success in business.

Personal Work: Miscellaneous

Turntable Art

artwork created at thirty-three and a third

Black and white artwork was photographed on a spinning turntable and manipulated in Photoshop.

Long Play

painting created using smashed LP records

Smoke & Mirrors Identity

personal project for an invented cigar shop

Operation Havoc Graphics

assorted sticker and thumbnail graphics

Images created to represent Operation Havoc in Chuck Palahniuk's book Pygmy, which explores themes of consumerism, anti-Americanism, and domestic terrorism.

Operation Havoc Graphics

The National Anthem

image for an article about corporate oligarchy

Sweet Image

letterforms made of granulated sugar

Horshack Test

very bad pun, mr. kotter.

Horshack Test

Cheap Credit

credit card offer collage with red stain

Business Card Grid Insanity

Business Card Grid Insanity